I’m supposed to be in bed, but inspiration struck me at 11 tonight. What can I do? I got something to writte about! It is about love and evil but mostly why we categorize everything in little case.

In life we need do differentiate what is the difference between people, between differents ways to go to the same place etc. We differentiate and categories everything! But absolutely everything! Even love! Yes, love, cause do you seryously believe evil is a part of the Universe? Actually you wouldn’t be quite wrong nor quite right about it. All the answers are the right one but what matters is to understand that evil is the otherside of the same coin called love. In fact, the two side of the coin are made of the same thing and mean the same thing. After all a 5 penny, has the same value wichever side you show, be it the beaver sidr or the side with the Queen on it. What is the difference? The image, on one side the Queen, on the other side the beaver. You could say it is just a matter of imagination, projection, a simple idea we created to see a difference between both side since they are the same in fact. Yes you are right, but so it is with love and evil too. The difference between the two was made by humans. We needed to experience it not just feel it. But in fact be it the Three ways of life: will, light and the middle of both, all are the right answer. I believe there is no difference between Light, Will or tbe Middle of both. They are Love, but differents ways of loving! Which we are experiencing to helps us understand who we are. There is no difference between you and the guy next door. You are made of love. You are the universe and you are interconnected, just like him. But you need to see the difference to experience your individuality. Which is why we separated love in differents categories, when in fact it is all the same! Love is everywher even in the most dark moment you will live trough. You just need to accept everything is Love.