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I think that most of my friend could write a bit of this article now. Since I often ask for help on that. In fact I just need some reassurance bit is how I like it the most.

1. Always say you’ll be there if your friend is not feeling. But most importantly don’t just say it but act on it also!
2. Take your time, don’t squeeze a person with anxiety in the middle off a buzzy schedule! We hate feeling pressed by a time that is not ours. But most of all, knowing you got something else after seeing us will just create a useless stress because we don’t want you to be late. So take your time!

3. Say that you love us or that we are cute cause most of the time we don’t feel lime it.

4. Don’t be afraid of how direct we can be. We learned that most of the time it was totally useless to punder an anxiety for hours but a lot more usefull to just act. So some of us will simply act. I am like that and I act fast. If you can’t take me like I am you’ll get out of my life anyway!!

5. Buy us a loooot of chocolate and ice cream or salty things! Against a small anxiety sneak attack it’s works wonder

6. Just keep us company sometimes. We just need someone to talk to to not think only of our problems!

7. Keep calm when we get to emotionnal. Remember we do know we are irrationnal.

8. Don’t say it is not a mountain we are going up against we all know it. But inconsciously we can’t do anything about it, we think to much.

9. Don’t invite us at new place out of the blue but talk to us about the place first.

10. Be patient, we are not that fast. Since we are always thinking and wondering about everything, every decision takes longer to make. We won’t open up easily to. We just seem to open up easyly but it is nust an illusion. We are prudent girls and boys.