First and for all Anxiety is NOT the same as stress! It is more like doubting of everything everytime everywhere! Even if you are confident about yourself you will still doubt the love of other people around you. Making you feel confident in a reliationship is quite difficult and you are constantly worried your friends will think you are a wright to them.

So here is some of my own trick to go trough everyday life with anxiety problems

1. Never let yourself down! Say at least once a day I love you to yourself and particularly when you are doubting someone of thinking you are a weight in there life. Or when fear takes over! In any moment of worry, or in any moment you are not feeling so great.

2. Never keep someone who thinks it’s stupid to worry about what your friends thinks of you in your life. In fact, just don’t keep in your life any person who don’t understand, after you explained it, what anxiety really is about.

3. Smile, easy, you think but it’s not always that simple. We all know it.

4. Be confident, believe you really are wonderful, cause anyway, you truly are. Why? Because you are most sensitive and more open than most people! Anxiety helps you understand how fear, worry, anger and sadness work in yourself so you understand it better when it’s come from someone. It also makes you a lot more compassionate!

5. Be true to yourself! You got anxiety? Fine, accept it! It’s probably not gonna get away but the less time you pass getting angry about it, the more happy you’ll be.

6. Be comfortable with yourself cause anyway I guess you are not such a party lover right? Need more time alone than most people? That’s fine, don’t make a big deal out of it, it’s what makes you a lot more connected to yourself than those party people around you! Which is good in fact cause it’s helps making the right choice about the most important think!

7. Breath! Breath while putting a word on what you are feeling and smile to it! That is what mindfullness is all about! Recognizing your emotions and feelings to just let them be. Don’t fight them you’ll make them bigger!

8. Move! Do yoga, swimming, running or jogging, trekking, kayaking, dance anything that makes you move is good. At least it gets rid of stress which is one less thing to deal whith it right?

9. Meditate! Take a minute whith just yourself and stay still, observing what is happening inside. Do you have tension somewhere? Then stretch! Observe again, but now breath were the tensions are.

10. Don’t think your happiness is somewhere else than inside of you! In fact don’t put your happiness in the hand of someone else which is why you need to love yourself and be confident. Learn how to calm your fear the most sweet way possible and don’t be mad at yourself for eating your emotions. It’s happens and as long as you take good care of yourself everything will be fine.

11. Stay close to your friends, I know interacting with people is really hard and full of uncertainty but that is exactly why you should stay close to them. Make a few of them one of the stable thing in your life. The one you can always count on when something happens.

12. Routine! Keep some non changing rules every morning and evening before going to bed. If taking a bath helps you sleep, take one every evening. If reading a few pages of a book relax you, do it every evening. If waking up with a particular style of music makes you smile then do it. If eating something precise makes you feel better do it. But don’t change that routine to often. Sleeping more instead of keeping your routine won’t help.

And that’s it, those are my trick! None of it is perfect but it doesn’t do bad to do a few of them. Routine can be dangerous thought so stay open to novelty sometimes. Change it every 6 months or so also helps 😉