A lot of my friends say I am to generous and I am way to open in front of people. But as I see it, friendship is a lot like love in fact. The only way to built strong friendship for me is to be myself, open and generous like I truly am.

In love we all are generous and open toward the other person. That’s the most importants things after communication between two persons in a relationship. Aren’t those as much important in friendship? Which is why I often act out of the ordinary for a normal girl having a friendship with a guy. Sure normal girl don’t help cutting fruits, onions, wash the dishes or anything because she’s bored and don’t see why she should watch while her friend making breakfast plus wash the dishes for the same meal. I don’t see why I shouldn’t worry for a sick friend and not bring him advil or syrup because that’s the role of the girlfriend! I honestly find that categorizing everything is wasting energy on small thing when bigger problems await you. Doing that makes me pass for a generous person which I find absurd because that’s just normal for me. I can be genrous of my time or my presence but not on usual things like that. I was brougt up in an environment where you helped tondo everything you could to help friends, even wash dishes.

If a friends does something you disaprove, you will say it to your friends that he shouldn’t do that right? If not, you should consider doing that. If what he does doesn’t work out you won’t be able to say: « I said so, it wasn’t a great idea ». Isn’t it sad, if you don’t get to say it? So communicate, it’s important, as much for your ego as for your friend who will appreciate your honesty even if he don’t follow your advice. Be open, is in fact saying you disaprove but accepting your friend for doing something you disaprove. In love that is something as important, cause the person is not you, so for sure, sometimes their reaction wont’t be the one you think it should be. That’s what being in a relationship mean: composing with who the other person is and yourself. Which is true in friendship too. In both kind of relationship you will have to built a bubble called « us ». This bubble symbolize the synergie between you. Doesn’t matter if the synergie is between 3 persons or more  or just 2, in the end it’s all the same.

Wich is why for me love and friendship are pretty much the same, but no I don’t get confused cause I don’t desire to share the same thing between friends and lovers.