Since everyone is talking about love on valentine’s day why not us also? So here it is. A small article on differents ways to love.

There is three differents ways to love another. You can love with your head, your ego or your heart. The difference between the three is that you can live to feel better about yourself, less lonely or because you want to share the way with someone.

We all feel lonely and want to share something with someone, feel that we belong somewhere and be loved for who we are. But we often get influenced by our mental or our Ego, even in friendship. How many of you got a friend who make you feel at home wherever you are? Who make you feel better about yourself? With whom you are a team against everything else because he or her is always there? Even so, there is many ways to be a friend to someone as well as there is many ways to be in love.

When you love with your head, it means that you convinced yourself to love this person. A bit like at the beginning of each relationship we are charmed and excited but we don’t know our partner that much. What we are convinced to know is that we do love him or her and it is wonderful. Evrything is rosy and perfect, nothing can teint that. Yes sure, till the first disagreement. Which contribute to make you understand better your partner. And so on, life happen with it’s up and down, at a point, you will, indeed love your partner from the heart or not at all, because your mental was convinced that he was someone different. That is what it means ti live from the head, you convince yourself that who you see sitting in front of you is the partner of your dream. But is he or her really the partner that you dreamed of all your life?

Whith the Ego, it’s a bit different. You look so much better with someone at your side right? That’s how you feel, loved and interesting because someone love you. He or her find you interesting, beautiful and perfect like you are. You can’t think like that of yourself, you are not confident enough for it. That’s why the Ego convince you that you need someone in your life when in fact you need to love yourself first.

When you love from the heart, you know you don’t need the person near you to feel loved. You already feel the love from everyone so powerfully it is amazing. You love that person for who he or she is and not for yourself. You love your partner because he or her can teach you things and you can teach he or her things too. Your bond is all about sharing and being a team. But most of all your happiness and sadness is also your partner’s. The contrary is also true because you are lived from the heart also. Two heart who love each other create their own harmony, wich is why sometimes we feel like they have a wordl of themselves.

Have a nice valentine’s day !!